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3 Positive Psychology Exercises


During stressful times, it's easy to get lost in your own thoughts, or to feel a little lost. I know for myself, I thrive when I have a routine. If my morning routine is off, I feel off. Whether you're stressed out from work, feeling anxiety over the "unknown" that's out there right now, or just feel a little lost some days, these 3 positive psychology exercise can help you increase your well-being and satisfaction with life.

1. Three Blessings

Before going to bed, write down three good things that happened during the day. Then write down why each of them happened.

For example, "I had a really good workout. Because I followed a workout that challenged me and made me feel good."

2| Gratitude Visit

Think of someone who has done something important for you whom you have never properly thanked.

In a letter, write down exactly what they did for you and the specific positive changes that occurred in your life because of their actions. • Take care to write specific details. • Write and rewrite it multiple times. Polish the letter and make it shine! • Concentrate on presentation. Handwrite it or use calligraphy. Use your own creativity. • Meet with the person face-to-face and read the gratitude letter to them. Or, read it to them over Facetime/Skype if a face-to-face meet isn't possible. • This is a very powerful activity. Don’t forget to bring tissues as the tears may flow.

3| Reach out to a friend or loved one

There truly is nothing as uplifting and therapeutic than a phone call/ Facetime with someone who brings you joy. Life can get busy, and people's schedules don't always line up, but try and "schedule" a phone call or Facetime with people who bring you joy. Whether it's a phone call with your mom once a week, or a Facetime with your best friend(s) every other week, I guarantee you'll feel instant gratitude afterwards.

I hope these 3 exercises spark some joy in your life! You can do these as often as you want. 1 & 3 are easier to do daily/weekly, while #2 is more of something you can do when you feel you have someone who could use some thanks/love from you!


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