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My name is Lauren. I’m a 26 year old certified health coach here to share my so fresh and so clean tips with you. I currently live in sunny California and can usually be found hanging out with my pup Lily, at the beach, the gym, or reading the latest health and wellness book.

As a kid growing up, I was generally pretty healthy, except for the fact that I had Lymes Disease twice. From then on, I was known as the sleepiest girl you’ll ever meet, and could be found napping and sleeping for 12+ hours a night. A year ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue within a 1 month span. I traded in my typical weekends filled with diet coke and rum with a side of pretzels, for a good book and scanning the aisles of Barnes & Noble. I began researching and educating myself in health and wellness and looking for ways to heal my body. A year later, I decided it was time to share everything I’ve learned, in hopes of helping others in similar situations.

So Fresh So Clean can be a resource for anyone who needs it. Maybe you just got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or PCOS and you don’t know where to turn, maybe you don’t feel yourself and have a feeling something is off, or maybe you’re looking to live a healthier life in general.  This blog will feature wellness tips for all audiences & ages. Either way, I want to share what I’ve learned throughout my health journey. I hope for you to use this blog a resource and to help you heal, if you need it.

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